Thursday, November 17

Road Hazard

There is one good reason why you don’t drive on an Indian highway at night – the drunk driver behind the wheel of an overladen truck without any lights coming roaring at you on the wrong side of the road. As for driving during the day, there are at least a dozen good reasons why you should Honk Please and remember Hurry Burry Spoils The Curry. Here are the top 12; hang on to your hat, Dorothy, Kansas is gonna go bye-bye:

1. Crowded Roads

2. Thundering Trucks

3. Traffic Jams

4. Potholes

5. Washboard/ No Surface

6. Dust

7. Sheep

8. Water-buffalo

9. Grain-threshing

10. Motorcycles and Bicycles

11. Onions

12. Monkeys and other Mayhem


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