Saturday, September 9

The Great Chinese Firewall

Exhibit A: Search on for Tibet from inside China

Exhibit B: Click on homepage of Tibetan Govt in Exile (5th search hit.)

Exhibit C: Search on Baidu for Tibet from inside China, self-censored results

Exhibit D: Google Search results for Falun Gong

Exhibit E: Baidu Search results for Falun Gong

Exhibit F: Trying to reach


Blogger asoke40 said...

I'm able to get past the firewall, I just can't get good speeds! What's the deal with this filtering it's totally frustrating. I've tried everything, adding two providers even. They have come out and checked my equipment twice and inform me it's my router. That's not it, it works fine at 100Mb. I called my VPN service: and with or without their connection it's slow.

At least connected I've bypassed the firewall. I'm curious to know what speeds others are getting?

I'm in Shenzhen on China Telecom.

3:42 PM  

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