Thursday, December 31


What the inmates of the labor camps have built:

Wednesday, December 30

Jaisalmer: Jaloos, Band-baja, Mithai

Bolo Bolo Ashok Tanvar-ji Ki Jai! Supporters of the winning candidate for the Jaisalmer Municipal Chairman's post celebrate their man's narrow victory.

Monday, December 28

Delhi Nizamuddin

Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia's Mazaar.

Next to it Amir Khusro's shrine/tomb.

Qawwals playing Chhaap Tilak on a winter's morning.

Across the street that "dormitory of the Mughals" --
the tomb of Humayun,
also packed with the remains of dozens of minor royals.

Sunday, December 27

In Search Of Paisagaon

We went looking for our ancestral homestead (now in Bangladesh) on my father's side. A brief history here.